I believe life is better when sweets are involved, but unfortunately having sugary treats tends to come with a bit of a compromise. My biggest inspiration came after I attended the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) and realized I could  create and bake pastries that can put a great taste and texture in your mouth and a smile on your heart with a lot less compromise & (guilt lol)

I’d like to compromise as little as possible when creating these recipes. We’ve all eaten something where you could actually taste the “love” in every bite (like Grandma’s cinnamon rolls during the holidays). My goal is to create “love flavored” desserts but with much less of a risk on our customers health, mood, and well being. I actively research every ingredient to insure there is as much positivity around it as possible and mindful about the costs to our customers. For instance, the vanilla industry is contaminated with slave and child labor, so I make sure to use vanilla that is produced outside of that ongoing and unfortunate issue. I use sweeteners that don’t spike insulin so even a diabetic can enjoy them (with no compromise in taste). If we are what we eat, then I want these treats to be filled only with positivity. It starts with where and how all of our natural ingredients are made, the quality, then to the well being and happiness of the baker, all the way to the customers heart & of course their tummies :-)

I guess I just really love that my delicious, little creations can be enjoyed with little to no guilt. So please, support health, support love, support your taste buds, support Mindful Health, LLC. -Brittni Yurchak (Owner / Creator-Baker)

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