Mindful Health

Health Coach & Low Carb Lifestyle, Bakery


I know it may be easy for some of you to create your own desserts with all the great sugar replacements now BUT I am here to do that work for you so you can enjoy the time it takes to have a healthy lifestyle! There's lots of guiltless treats! I provide low carb, no added to low sugar and dairy free options. I will personalize any items to support your needs, so don't hesitate to ask! Thank you!

Low Carb Bakery

Keto, Paleo and Custom Made!

I provide craving solutions for your low carb, low sugar lifestyles. Please feel free to ask for any substitutions based on your personal health needs/goals! I can add collagen or whey proteins, different chocolate percentages and different crusts, etc!

Products I use

I use products like Sunkrin, Bob's Red Mill, Sunfoods Superfoods, Terrasoul, Kirkland, Anthony's, Lily's, Enjoy Life, Sweet Leaf, Nativas, Heilala Vanilla, Nuzest clean protein, Natierra, Driscolls, Santa Barbara Chocolates, Nuts.com, Flavorganics, SoNourished and Lankanto **Due to Madagascar, I may have price fluctuations on any item that contains vanilla extract or powder** 

Made To Order

Call, fax or email me to order, I typically need a two day turn around from the day after you order, except on Fridays, I need from Friday til Monday. All items are made fresh to order and we deliver!

Menu / Price List

Accepted payments: Paypal-Mindfulhealthjourney, cash or credit card on delivery