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I know it may be easy for some of you to create your own desserts with all the great sugar replacements now BUT I am here to do that work for you so you can enjoy the time it takes to have a healthy lifestyle! There's lots of guiltless treats! I provide low carb, no added to low sugar and dairy free options. I will personalize any items to support your needs, so don't hesitate to ask! Thank you!

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Low Carb Bakery

Keto, Paleo and Custom Made!

I provide craving solutions for your low carb, low sugar lifestyles. Please feel free to ask for any substitutions based on your personal health needs/goals! I can add collagen or whey proteins, different chocolate percentages and different crusts, etc!

Products I use

I use products like Swerve, Sunkrin, Bob's Red Mill, Sunfoods Superfoods, Terrasoul, Kirkland, Anthony's, Guittard, Lily's, Enjoy Life, Sweet Leaf, Nativas, Nuts.com, Spicely, Flavorganics, SoNourished and Lankanto **Due to Madagascar, I may have price fluctuations on any item that contains vanilla extract or powder** 

Made To Order

Call, fax or email me to order, I typically need a two day turn around from the day after you order, except on Fridays, I need from Friday til Monday. All items are made fresh to order and we deliver!

Menu / Price List

Accepted payments: Paypal-Mindfulhealthjourney, cash or credit card on delivery