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Yay,Happy Customers!

Chocolate Silk Pie Review

 I've ordered this pie three times now. It's so delicious and it's the perfect dessert. The whipped cream on the top just right,  not too thick and not too light. The chocolate filling is not overly rich, which makes a pie less enjoyable.  Even the crust is awesome!

Irene T-Felton

Brittni's Pies are OUT OF THIS WORLD

Brittni’s Pie’s are OUT OF THIS WORLD. The first time I tried her strawberry pie, I did not believe how low sugar it was!
She communicates amazingly and her pies are always consistent.
I’m also allergic to walnuts so she makes sure that these are safe for me to enjoy. I really appreciate all her time and effort that goes into making these delicious delectables.
Top favs, Strawberry, Key Lime and Banana pies. My family and friends love her stuff, my partner and I have gotten multiple pies as gifts and there always a hit. Highly recommended! 

Hayley- Watsonville

Major Sweet Tooth

I have a major sweet tooth! So when I go on a diet it is really hard for me to stick with it. But since I have been ordering from Mindful Health. I can order from a wide range of absolutely amazing deserts like fat bombs, pies, tarts, banana bread, you name it, it tastes great!!! They completely satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me on my diet! Finally guilt free deserts that actually taste really really good!!!!! Thank you Mindful Health!!! Game changer!! 

Adam C-Capitola

Most Delicious Treats Ever!

 Do you have bad eating habits or occasionally have a sweet tooth? Well check this out I got a solution for just that. Mindful health!. I’ve been ordering from Mindful Health for about half a year now and let me tell you Brittni's dessert treats are the most delicious treats ever!!!!!.
I've been bodybuilding for a couple of years, working out and strictly eating clean but I do occasionally get a sweet tooth craving like anyone else, I wanted to find a solution, something that wouldn’t change my daily macros drastically. That’s when I found out about Brittni!, I was getting a tattoo at the “Black Pearl” local tattoo shop when my tattoo artist Mike got his weekly order from Mindful Health, Keto Blueberry Cream pie and peanut butter banana cups. He immediately asked if I wanted to try some and explained Brittni Paleo products are dairy free and either sugar free or VERY low natural no added sugar. 🤯 Mind blown and super excited, I immediately got Brittni's contact info and made the order for the peanut butter banana cups that exact day. Meeting Brittni was so amazing she is the sweetest person ever, she really has a passion for health and fitness and helping the community. She specializes making Keto Pies, Super Food items, Tarts, meals, “my favorite” Keto cups paleo and many more on the menu to try.  If you want a more healthy lifestyle or way to kill your sweet tooth, Mindful Health will definitely do that. 

Diego R-Watsonville 

The Best Low Carb Treats

The best low carb treats that I have ever had 🤤, everything is delicious! Perfect for the person trying to loose a little weight or just trying to cut down on their sugar intake. I lost 30 pounds with the help of these desserts! They helped me with my healthy fat requirements on the Keto diet and satisfied my sweet tooth so I can stay on track. Thank you Mindful Health for satisfying my  sweet cravings! 

Matt M-Soquel

My Mom Has Changed My Life

My mom has changed my life and I am so blessed and thankful. I was very addicted to sugar and couldn’t control how much I ate, it was a problem. I didn’t know how terrible sugar was for your body and brain until my mom discovered this as well. She really helped me to go from sugar desserts & junk food to no sugar & still tasting as good if there was sugar! It’s really changed my outlook on everything when you take away sugar. For example I recently ate sugar and junk food with friends and I didn’t like it, I felt sick. This happened because of cutting out sugar and junk food and being consistent. It’s transformed my life in so many ways, I would have never thought. My favorite desserts are the Keto strawberry cream pie, frozen vanilla fat bombs, & my very favorite chocolate peanut butter cups! Thank you Mom! I love you! 

Melikah A-Soquel

Yay,Happy Customers!

I honestly enjoy every bite

 I Honestly enjoy every bite! My favorite is the strawberry keto pie, so flavorful. Fat bombs every flavor I love but I would have to say cherry is my favorite. Healthy and gives you that crave of a sweet taste. Brittni is absolutely a wonderful cook! From her meals to a sweet tooth she thinks about how people really can enjoy while eating healthy at the same time! Thank you

Brittnie K-Santa Cruz

A Pleasurable sensation for your palette

It is truly an experience indulging in Brittni's guilt free delectable desserts...a pleasurable sensation for your palette. Satisfying your sweet tooth without deviating from your commitment to eat healthy. It is rewarding knowing each bite has nutritional value and is created with her utmost desire to share her knowledge and passion to a life of wellness.

Sandra W-Soquel

Highly Recommend

 I have known Brittni for about 10 years now and not only has she been one of my closest friends, but also the best person that I’ve gone to when I’ve needed advice on making healthy changes in my life. Not only has she given me great tips on exercise and nutrition, but she has also made me some of the best healthy desserts I have ever tried! My personal favorites are the frozen fat bombs and literally any pie she makes. I highly recommend that you talk to Brittni if you are looking to make some lifestyle changes and add some healthy foods to your diet! 

Bethany A-Santa Cruz

Healthy Desserts that don't taste healthy

 My family has enjoyed the wonderful unique desserts you create.  Most importantly they are healthy desserts that don’t taste healthy!  The organic ingredients used makes me feel good about what my family is eating.  The desserts are not only heavenly in taste but always had great presentation.  Your work ethic and professionalism is outstanding!!
Thank you Brittni!! 

Becky V-Aptos